• Hi me again, just have one more question then i will not bother you guys anymore

    Im curious what Zurich fans think about Marcus Kruger. Is he one of the top players on the team?

  • Hi viking-friend.

    In my opinion Krüger is one of the most crucial players in our team. His importance shows when it comes to the face-offs. He has the best scores when it comes to face-offs. Even compare to the whole league. He wins 65% of all face-offs. This is a huge advantage in our game compared to our opponents. We are able to control the puck 65% of the time he goes to the face-off while our opponents have to gain possession first. Besides his extreme face-off skills he does really good in front of the goal thiy season. He wasn‘t known for being the scorer in past seasons but this season he shows his skills. He is our third best scorer, having scored 6 goals and 15 assist by mid december. i personally would really miss him and his calm that he brings into our game. hope this helps.. ;)

  • All correct what d_k_schrute wrote.

    Thank's to him we also have a secondary scoring, which is extremly necessary since our top-scorers are not quite producing what

    is expected of them.

    If you look at the advance stats, he is one of the best centers of our league. On a 5 vs. 5 with him on ice it shows, that it is so much

    more likely that we score a goal instead of conceding one. He is a weapon, that has it's quality lying below the surface. Great player!

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